Netflix Party

April 14th, 2020 | 20.30h


*Dutch follows English*

Are you also watching movies and series on Netflix every day? Let's watch together! On the 14th of April, at 20:30h we will watch a movie together via Netflix Party! Which movie it will be, will be chosen via Facebook & Instagram! The choice that was made is:

Dirty Grandpa!

The link for the Netflix Party is

Make sure to add the Netflix Party extension to your chrome to participate.


Kijk jij ook iedere dag films en series op Netflix? Laten we samen kijken! Op 14 april om half 9 gaan we samen een film kijken via Netflix Party! Welke film het wordt, zal via Instagram & Facebook besloten worden. De film die is gekozen is:

Dirty Grandpa!

De link voor de Netflix Party is

Om mee te doen moet je de netflix party extensie aan chrome toevoegen.

The Synergy Office is closed till the 1st of September. For more information, go to