August 17th, 2018

Jurian van der Waal

The candidate board would like to introduce itself one by one during this orientation week. Today it`s time to get to know our new Commissioner Internal Affairs: Jurian van der Waal.  

Hi everyone, my name is Jurian van der Waal and in the upcoming year I will take place in the 29th Synergy board as Commissioner Internal Affairs. I was born in Moerkapelle, a small village between Gouda and Rotterdam. I grew up surrounded by bell peppers since my parents own a pepper farm, so if you catch me devouring a pepper next year in the Synergy office, I probably harvested it myself.  

For three years now, I am happy to call myself a ‘Nijmegenaar’. I fell in love with this city after I learned about all the things this city has to offer to students. During my free time I really enjoy a couple of Belgian beers at café Beer & Bites, or a classic bierbingo on Monday at café TweeKeerBellen. I hope I have enough free time next year to keep extending my bierbingo trophy closet. 

I learned about Synergy in my first year in Nijmegen when I signed up for the ski trip. After this trip I decided that I wanted to be an active member. In the past three years I took part in the Ski Trip Committee, the Introduction Committee, the Synergy Magazine and the Synergy Week Committee. I learned a lot about organizing activities and working together in a team. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to apply for a board position. 

As Commissioner Internal Affairs I will be dealing with all the developments within the university. This means representing the interests of all our students in all kinds of meetings with several governing bodies within the university. Whenever you have questions or complaints regarding the university or our educational programs, stop by at the Synergy Office. Coffee is on the house. 

Kind Regards 

Jurian van der Waal  


Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!