September 2nd, 2020

The candidate board would like to introduce itself one by one. In this article you can find out about all the personal interests, hobbies, their daily activities and background.

Luc Spronk - Chairman

Hello everyone, I am Luc Spronk and I am the Chairman of Study Association Synergy this year. I am 21 years old and a fourth-year student of International Business Administration. I was born and raised in Enschede, where I go back to on most weekends to see my family and friends from high school. Also, I just came back from a very eventful semester abroad in Hong Kong. Partying, chilling with friends and travelling are somewhat standard hobbies, but I too enjoy those things! Apart from that I enjoy reading, table tennis, cooking and going for a run. 

In the three years so far that I have been a member of Synergy, I have taken part in a variety of committees. Those include the Drink, Weekend, Member deal and the Synergy Week Committee. Committees have really given me the opportunity to get in touch with other members, make friends, but also get the opportunity to organise some myself! I have always had pleasant experiences with Synergy, and this in combination with a drive to develop myself has motivated me to do a board year. Synergy has given me so much and now I will give something back and make sure that other members have the same great experience that I have had! As the Chairman, my main task is to make sure everything goes well with the association, including my fellow board members. Therefore, I have to keep track of what is happening and what everyone is doing, so I can help wherever is needed! Being a chairman also means you are the face of the organisation, so you will see me holding a lot of presentations, talks and speeches. I am very excited for what this lustrum year will bring! 

Such a small text like this only tells you a little bit about who I am unfortunately. So, I happily invite you to come by at the Synergy office to grab a cup of coffee or tea, or attend one of our activities and we’ll get to meet there!  


Eva Mientjes - Secretary & Vice-Chairman

Hello everyonemy name is Eva Mientjes and I am the Secretary & Vice-Chairman of study association Synergy this year. I am 20 years old and a fourth-year student of the Dutch track of Business Administration.  

I am born and raised in Valburg, a small village that is situated between the two rivers. Currently, I am living Nijmegen for more than two years, the greatest student city of our country! I fell in love with the beautiful streets, cosy bars, green parks, and amazing people. Driving over the bridge crossing the ‘Waal’ feels like coming home!  In my free time I think it is great to explore new places with my friends and family. In addition, I love reading, windsurfing, and playing the piano. Also, I am always up for a spontaneous picnic at the beaches down the riverside! Lastly, I really enjoy playing board games, puzzles, and escape rooms. So… this is an open invitation to challenge me for a game at the Synergy Office!  

Next to all these hobbies, I think it is important to continue challenging myself and to keep learning. I found this combination of challenges, personal development, and fun, as an active member at study association Synergy. Over the past few years, I have been part of the introduction committee, the informal committee, the atlas committee, and the PR committee. Next year I will be the secretary and vice-chairman of the XXXIst board. This means that I am particularly working on the e-mail, administration, the website, and several projects. Furthermore, together with Luc I take on additional projects and endeavours. 

I am looking forward to getting to know you in the Synergy Office, or during our activities. Especially, I cannot wait to celebrate our lustrum with you all. Let’s make it a year we would never forget! 



Mendy van Reeuwijk - Treasurer


Hi everyone! I am Mendy van Reeuwijk and I will be this year’s treasurer of study association Synergy. I am 20 years old and in my third year of Business Economics. I was born in Winterswijk but mostly raised in Aalten which are both in the beautiful Achterhoek of the Netherlands. I’ve played basketball for 10 years and also functioned as a trainer for several teams under 10 and 14 years old. Now I mostly work out at home or in the gym. Apart from sports I really enjoy meeting up with friends (with drinks and a lot of snacks and dips of course), exploring new places and trying out new recipes from Pinterest.  

In the past years I’ve been part of the Atlas committee and the PR committee. With the Atlas committee I planned an amazing trip with lots of fun activities. Sadly the trip had to be canceled but I really learned a lot, such as that I love to plan big events and fun activities with everyone and made some close friends. I think the best thing about Synergy is the openness and enthusiasm of all members to hang out and do fun stuff. Next to all fun activities there are also multiple formal events and everyone is very friendly and driven to develop themselves. For me this was a big reason of why I became an active member and eventually a board member. A lot of fun and many drinks but also the support to develop yourself. Matching with my study I chose to become a treasurer so I will be in charge of every payment and investment which needs to be done. 

I am really looking forward to next year and seeing/meeting all of you! Lets make it an amazing 6th lustrum year with lots of crazy and amazing activities! I hope to see you all in the Synergy office to share a cup of tea/coffee and play games! 


Zoë Backbier - Marketing Officer

Hello everyone, I am Zoë Backbier and I am the Marketing officer of study association Synergy this year. I am 22 years old and a fourth-year student of International Business Administration. I have been living in Nijmegen for almost three years now, but I was born and raised in a town close to Den Bosch called Vlijmen, in the beautiful province of Brabant. I go back there every weekend for work and to see my friends and family. Apart from that I reallly like to cook, go to gym and I love to travel. Half a year ago I was given the opportunity to study in Corvallis Oregon, USA, as a part of the study abroad program of IBA, which was one of the best experiences I ever had.  

Previous semester I was a part of the Synergy Week Committee together with Luc and Wessel. Together with the seven of us we managed to put together really cool activities, such as an online beer bingo, multiple podcasts and lunch lecture with Jumbo, despite the Corona Virus. Being a part of the committee did not only bring me new friendships but also challenged me to think outside of the box and work closely together in a tight group. This eventually made me apply for a board year. As the Marketing Officer, my main taks will be to keep you up to date on all the activities we have planned. We post all activities, such as workshops, dinners, cool trips and parties on our social media, so make sure to check that out!  

I would love to meet you, so feel free to stop by one of our many activities or at our office in EOS, where you are always more than welcome to get some coffee, tea or just to chat. See you then! 


Rebecca Veltman - Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Veltman and I am the Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs of study association Synergy this year. I am 21 years old and I am in the fourth year of my bachelor International Business Administration. I have been living in Nijmegen during the previous three years of my studies, however I grew up in Amersfoort. This means I am part of the minority students in Nijmegen not coming from either brabant, limburg or Gelderland. I often go back to Amersfoort to see my family and catch up with friends. 

Being an International Business Administration student, I also spent a semester abroad, I went to Sydney (Australia). This was a great experience. Traveling is one of my main hobbies and I really hope to do it more once the situation is better. Besides traveling, I really like to spent time with friends and family, cooking or eating out, drinking and partying, watching a movie or going for a walk;  

I’ve been an active member for three years and during these years I was part of the Kick-Off Committee, the Business Trip Committee, the Photo Committee, the Member Deal Committee and the community committee. These committees were all very exciting, I got to know many of my friends via Synergy and being in a committee is in general a very informative experience. The positive experience I got from being in these committees, convinced me to apply for a board year.  

As a Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs, I am engaged with everything regarding the education at our university. I will be representing the interests of the Business Administration students. Which means that if you have any complains or questions: you are more than welcome to reach out to me as I would really like to help you! Feel free to contact me! 

I hope to see all of you at one of our many activities and I wish you good luck with your studies! 


Wessel Schemkes - Commisioner External Affairs

Hello everyone, I am Wessel Schemkes and I am the Commissioner External Affairs of Study Association Synergy this year. I am 21 years old and a fourth-year student of International Business Administration. I was born and raised in Beuningen, next to Nijmegen, which is one of the best villages in the world. Last year I did a semester abroad in Santiago, Chile which I really enjoyed but wasn’t half as good as living in Nijmegen. In my free time I like to play field hockey (my favourite field position is at the canteen), play videogames, and go out for drinks with my friends.  

In the past three years that I have been a member of Synergy, I have taken part in multiple committees. It started with the Kick-off committee (in the same year as Rebecca), after which I became chairman of the BIT Committee of 2019, and last year I was part of the Synergy Week Committee, together with Luc and Zoë. Being part of a committee really helped me getting to know a lot of Synergy members throughout the years, but also it helped me develop myself. I became a board member because I want people to feel at home with Synergy, as much as I did in my freshmen year. Inevitably that was the reason why I became an active member in the first place. 

This year I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs of Study Association Synergy. This means I will be the contact person for all companies our study association cooperates with. These partners are a variety of bars, restaurants and companies that you will see on our website, and the multiple events that we organise. 

Lastly, I am more than excited to welcome you all to the sixth lustrum year of Synergy. I happily invite you to stop by at the Synergy office to grab a cup of coffee, tea or water, or join one of our activities!