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Walks & Talks

April 14th, 2021 - May 31st, 2021

Are you looking for more contact with your fellow students? Do you want to get to know new people or just stay in touch with other members? Are you missing the small talk at the Synergy Office? Then you should definitely join Synergy Walks & Talks! Up until the 31 st of May you can find a buddy to walk with! If you sign up for this event Synergy matches you with another signed up member to get you in contact with each other. You can text each other to plan a moment for your walk! You can sign up multiple times if you want. If you register, there is also the possibility to give your preferences for your walking buddy regarding gender and study year. During your walk you can stop by at ‘t Hoogstraatje to collect a special Synergy deal to go! For only €5 you will get a drink and a small pancake with your membercard! There are some routes already planned if you’d like some suggestions…

Student Teacher Activity: Specialty coffee workshop (with box)

April 19th, 2021 | 20.00h | 22.00h

We’ve all seen our teachers drink their early morning coffee. However, what would they think about a specialty coffee? During this specialty coffee workshop, we’ll try to debunk the myth together with some of the best teachers our university has to offer: Jan Verhoeckx,  Herm Joosten, Patrick Vermeulen, Caroline Essers and Vera Blazevic. In this workshop we will enjoy making a selection of specialty coffees with you, starting from 20:00h. Members will be able to get a package with everything you need for this workshop if you live within 5 km of the city centre, for only €1,50!  Would you like to join the activity without a coffee box? Then register here . If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.

Student Teacher Activity: Specialty coffee workshop (without box)

April 19th, 2021 | 20.00h | 22.00h

Would you like to join the workshop without the box? Then register via this event. We’ve all seen our teachers drink their early morning coffee. However, what would they think about a specialty coffee? During this specialty coffee workshop, we’ll try to debunk the myth together with some of the best teachers our university has to offer: Jan Verhoeckx and Vera Blazevic. In this workshop we will enjoy making a selection of specialty coffees with you, starting from 20:00h. See you there!

Business Administration Reflection Time

April 20th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

Would you like to give feedback on your educational program? This is THE time! On Tuesday the 20th of April 2021, the educational program committee for Bedrijfskunde and (International) Business Administration organizes the Business Administration Reflection Time (B.A.R.T.). This session will be held during the break from 12:15h to 13:30h via Zoom. The main goal of this gathering is to improve the educational program. Students and lecturers will discuss three education-related statements, for instance with regard to the influence that students have on the curriculum. Your input is of great importance to establish an overall picture of how the program is perceived by students and teachers. The educational program committee will use the results to try to improve the current program where possible. Among all the students and teachers that participate, the OLC will give away two €20,- vouchers for de Blonde Pater! BUT make sure to invite your friends as well, because these will become €30,- vouchers if more than 30 people participate! You can register via:

Walking Dinner for third year students

April 20th, 2021 | 17.00h | 19.00h

Are you lusting for food? Let's take those taste buds on a walk! On the 20th of April the Connect Committee is organizing a Walking Dinner through Nijmegen for all third-year students! The walk starts at 17:00h PM, is approximately 4 km during which we will visit several cafes and restaurants. Coffee, a pancake with a drink, fries and ice cream for dessert are all included! And the best part: members only pay €5 for this lusty dinner! Non-members pay €13,50. During the walk we will play a short quiz and there will be enough to talk about. We hope to see you there! If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.

Time-Management webinar by PwC with lunch

April 21st, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

*This event will be given in Dutch* Everyone is busy and it often feels as if there are too few hours in a day. And how do you organize your day now that you also follow your classes from home? How do you ensure variety and keep your focus? At PwC, they find the vitality of their employees and future colleagues very important. That is why they are happy to help you gain insight into your vitality. They do this by means of an interactive webinar about 'time management'. Do you want to start the upcoming exams well planned now? Then sign up now! If you live within a 5 km radius of the city centre of Nijmegen, members get a free lunch delivered to their home! Non-members pay €3,50 for this lunch.

Batavierenrace Subscriptions

April 23rd, 2021 - April 24th, 2021

In less then two months, the 49 th  edition of the Batavierenrace will take place. The Batavierenrace is known as the world’s largest relay race. This will be from the 23rd (22:00) until the 24th of April 2021. This year, the Batavierenrace will be held a bit different from other years: we will set out a parcours in Nijmegen that will result in running a total of 125km in two days together! When subscribing for the event you can choose which timeslot you prefer. The timeslots will consist of the morning, afternoon and evening on both the 23rd and the 24th of April.  Subscriptions are open until the 13 th  of March until. The price of the race will be €15,- for members and €25,- for non-members. A sport shirt with logo is included in the price, together with multiple surpises during your run, as well as an awesome BataBeers party on Satruday, hosted together with study association Stress from Enschede! As stated before, you can mention a preferred timeslot when registering, which we try to schedule for you. However, we can not guaruantee the preferred time. Because this year will be a bit different, the distance you will be running will be discussed together with you after you subscribe. You can (de)register until the 13th of March. If you deregister for the activty within the deadline, you will get payed back the price of the activity, minus €0,36 of iDeal costs.

Online meet-up with Bewegin

April 23rd, 2021 | 15.00h | 16.00h

*Unfortunately, this event is held in Dutch* Are you curious about our traineeship? Or curious how our talents experience Movement? Then sign up for Nice Question! the monthly meet-up in which your questions are central.  Every online meeting consists of a joint part in which we briefly introduce ourselves. You will then be linked to a talent of Bewegin. Ideal to get acquainted with our approach and to discover whether our traineeship is something for you. Simply register here for one of the upcoming meet-ups!

Management Business Fair

April 26th, 2021 | 12.00h | 16.00h

On the 26th of April, this year’s edition of the Management Business Fair will take place. For the first time, the event will be entirely online, hosted on Jobteaser. Participating to the event will be free! As the event is organized by all study associations from the Nijmegen School of Management in collaboration with Career Service, the Management Business Fair is the perfect time to get to know many different companies. What are employers looking for in future candidates? What is the application process like? What exactly do they have to offer you? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered during the event. Find inspiration for your work placement or for better orienting yourself within the labour market! Learn from about 15 different organisations in a broad range of sectors, including government, commerce, NGO, consultancy, and finance. The day will take place from 12.00 till 16.00 approximately, with different rounds to join. A well-known speaker will kick-off the event, followed by general presentations and Q&A session from the participating organisations. After this, there is room for individual conversations with these organisations. The participating organisations are yet to be announced. Also, keep a look out for the announcement of the opening speaker! Registration is for free! Do you want to be a part of this years MBF? Register via this link !

Career Day: Lidl Workshop

April 29th, 2021 | 09.00h | 11.00h

This event is a part of the 2021 Career Day, organised by the Career Committee. During this workshop, campus recruiter Iris and corporate recruiter Esmee will take us through the journey of Lidl. They will explain everything about this vastly growing organization, and why their strategy is so successful. Then, we will get the chance to think about opportunities for Lidl during a case. Lastly, you will get the chance to pitch your ideas! In short, an informative and interactive workshop. We will start the workshop at 09:00h and it will approximately take up two hours. As a second part of the Career Day, we will continue to an interactive conversation with John Lin at 12:15h.  If you live within a radius of 4km form the center of Nijmegen, you have the possibility to receive a goodiebag at home. The goodiebag is free for members. Non-members pay €3,00 for this event.  If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.

Career Day: Inspiration talks by John Lin with lunch

April 29th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

This event is a part of the 2021 Career Day, organised by the Career Committee. John Lin is a stereotypical Dutch Chinese. Raised in a Chinese takeaway and good with numbers, among other things. Growing up in two cultures gives John a unique perspective on the West and East. In addition to his study Innovation Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam, John studied for six months at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. John is currently a popular speaker and works at as a business developer. From his Dutch-Chinese background, he has immersed himself in innovations and trends in Asia and is happy to translate these into the local market. John believes that China is more developed in many areas than most of us know. John likes to take us on an inspiring journey by sharing his knowledge and story with us. There is also room to ask all your questions during the Q&A session. So it certainly promises to be an inspiring afternoon that you don't want to miss! Would you like to know more about John Lin? Then watch this video .  Sign Up You don't want to miss this afternoon. Get inspired by John Lin and sign up now If you live within a radius of 4km form the center of Nijmegen, you have the possibility to receive lunch at home. The lunch is free for members. Non-members pay €3,50 for this event.  If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.

Past events

The future after COVID-19 - E-houseday by Randstad

April 6th, 2021 | 10.00h | 12.30h

*Unfortunately, this E-houseday will be held in Dutch* What is happening with the labor market? And what impact does that have on working life? Maybe in the future, the job you want to apply for, will no longer exist and the world of work will look very different. Much has changed in recent decades and many types of jobs have been wiped out, including last year due to the impact of corona. Randstad had to switch quickly and a lot: KLM flight attendants who were suddenly out of work, the Ziggo Dome that was empty because events were cancelled. These were all candidates who worked for companies via Randstad. What will future innovations and trends for influencing the world of the staffing industry? During this E-houseday, you will separate in groups to think about this. We are curious about what great ideas you will come up with! We would like to get to know you and tell you more about our great organization and the management and finance traineeship of the Randstad Group. A traineeship in which you will receive everything in a process of 2.5 years to become a manager and possibly future director of the company. The assignments you receive during your traineeship come directly from the management, and you therefore present your findings directly to the management! In addition, you will work in various roles within our Randstad, Yacht or Tempo-Team labels over the 2.5 years. At the same time, you will have 1 day a week to work on your personal development within 'the think tank' . In addition to getting acquainted, there is also time for a case. During the case  we will look at current labor market developments. What kind of innovations and trends are taking place? RANDSTAD GROUP NETHERLANDS Everyone within Randstad Group Netherlands wants to bring out the best in both people and organization on a daily basis. We want to create value for society as a whole by playing a leading role in the world of work. We help candidates to shape and color their career. In addition to helping candidates who work via Randstad, Yacht or Tempo-Team, working at the Randstad Group itself means that you as a person are central to a world-class organization. Here you will find a company full of colleagues who want to grow every day, as a person and as a professional. Randstad considers growth and happiness at work very important. This is expressed in autonomy and being able to make a difference based on your talent. You are able to deregister up until 24 hours before the start of the deadline. Please understand that Synergy as well as Randstad depends on your presence if you register for this event.

Spinergy Drink: Beer Pong Edition

April 7th, 2021 | 20.00h | 10.00h

Get your ping pong balls ready for battle! Together with study association SPIN, we will be organizing an online beer pong tournament on the 7th of April starting from 20:00h. During this evening, Synergy members will be battling against SPIN members. And even better: if you are a member, you will receive a box, containing a beerpong set and beers for during the activity,  for free! Non-members pay €3,40. There are limited spots available, so make sure you subscribe fast! You can register until the 6th of April and pick up your box on the 7th of April. More info on this will be send to you by email. 

The unheard voices… refugee women. A conversation.

April 8th, 2021 | 12.30h | 14.00h

Women empowerment, two words that most of us have surely heard before. Women have fought for their rights since the earliest known date of the 1700s, since then several feminist movements have followed. This led to the recognition of  women’s rights by the United Nations which in 1981 officially became an international treaty by which currently almost 100 countries have agreed to abide by its provisions. However, as the United Nations states, women’s rights compel us all, economically, politically, culturally and socially. Specially for women in vulnerable groups such in the case of refugees, the exercise of their rights might be more complex. Hence government, civil organizations and society in general have a part to play to provide better opportunities that allow to empower themselves. The Netherlands, has been historically a host country for forcibly displaced people, in need for a safe place to re-start their lives. Being the Syrian people the latest group of refugees, who arrived at Dutch land, some questions arise, among them we ask ourselves… what is the Netherlands doing to empower these refugee women? Are we being an inclusive society? Are we giving them the opportunity to thrive? How can we help them and be part of a positive change? We, the Community Committee, wants to invite you to the conversation we will have with Machiel Salomons, former Executive Officer from the United Nations Refugee Agency and current United Way Executive Director starting from 12:30h on the 8th of April. We want you get to know what the Netherlands is doing to improve the lives of these women and possibly motivate you to be a part of the change! The first people to sign up will receive a FREE lunch pack (sandwich and a slice of lemon cake) before the event takes place, if you live in Nijmegen. SIGN UP NOW! Best wishes from the Community Committee!

Nijmegen Treasure Hunt

April 8th, 2021 | 19.00h | 21.00h

It’s time for the last organized activity by the Informal Master Committee. The Nijmegen Treasure Hunt: the quest for shots. In this game you are looking for the Synergy foxes within the city of Nijmegen. You do this by answering questions. Once you find one of the foxes you will receive a question and a surprise! Do you and your teammate find all the foxes, and come back to the end point on time? Maybe you will become the winner of this game and will you win the amazing price! When attending to this activity you will receive a package with game information and some snacks, during the game you will also receive small surprises (think: shots). End the best part: member can participate for free! Non-members pay €4,50 for participation. We will start our hunt on the 8th of April, 19:00h. See you then. If you want to register together with someone, make sure to let us know while registering. 

Lustrum Opening Festivities

April 12th, 2021 | 14.00h | 17.00h
At your home!

*You can register starting from the 5th op April* The Lustrum weeks are almost here! And that means we have a great opening planned for all of you! To kick off this amazing festivity, the Lustrum Committee will be driving through Nijmegen to bring the celebrations to you. You can receive a celebration package for free if you live in Nijmegen! But that is not all. During the Lustrum opening, we will be giving away three Lustrum Golden Tickets  which allows you to participate in not one but two activities in the Lustrum weeks for free! Make sure to register as soon as possible, since there are limited spots available. You don’t want to miss this, so register now!

Synergy Party Night: Party in the USA

April 12th, 2021 - April 13th, 2021

Are you ready to party? Find your way to THE CUBE on April 12, because there will be an American Party Night! Unfortunately, the Synergy Party Night cannot take place the way it is supposed to be due to COVID-19. However, this gives us a new opportunity to go overseas for the very first time! To make your American party night experience complete, you can order an American style package for the price of only 2 euros until April 11 14:00. Non-members pay €3,40.  If you want to deregister for the event, you have to do this 24 hours before the start of the event. If you do so, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 iDeal costs. 

Let's get financial!

April 13th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

*This event will be held in Dutch* Do you struggle creating a budget for yourself? Do you have student loans and simply don’t know how to go about them? Or are you short on money due to corona crisis? If so, we invite you to join this workshop revolving around the financial situation of students. We are going to evaluate our current budgets, and there will be opportunity to ask questions regarding your own financial situation. Members are able to join this event for free, non-members pay €8. See you there!

BDO Insight Week

April 14th, 2021 - April 16th, 2021

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch speaking students only* Are you interested in accountancy? Are you curious about what activities you will perform as a starting accountant in Audit & Assurance? Do you want to find out whether BDO and you are a good match? During the Insight Week you will get an ultimate insight into working at BDO through various online activities! BDO Insight Week This online event takes place from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 April and consists of three activities. By participating in all activities you get the full experience and you are assured of the answer to that pressing question: is the Audit & Assurance practice of BDO your ideal career start? Participation in individual activities is also possible. Wednesday April 14 | Audit game * incoming video call * It is the partner who brings you and the rest of the team together to start a new audit. He informs the team about the background of the company and the audit objectives. Then it's up to you! Under the guidance of an accountant, you will go through the file and prepare for an interview with the client. After the interview, you determine the control approach and implement it. Which audit team is the first to inform the partner about the risks from the file? The game takes place from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Thursday April 15 | Speed ​​date Get to know your future colleague better and ask him or her everything you want to know for 15 minutes. This may concern the further training to become a Registered Accountant, activities in Audit & Assurance, career opportunities at BDO, work-life balance, why the BDO employee chose BDO himself, you name it! Everything so that you get a good idea of ​​your options at BDO and can determine whether they suit you. The speed date is scheduled between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. You will be linked to a colleague from the branch nearest to you. Friday April 16 | VrijMiBo To let you experience the atmosphere and culture at BDO, we would like to invite you to our virtual Friday afternoon drinks! During this super fun closing of the week you get to know our colleagues even better in an informal way. We will leave the details of this part a secret for a while, but you will be surprised with something tasty anyway. The VrijMiBo takes place from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the latest. Interested and applying Are you an economics university or higher vocational education student with an interest in Accountancy? And are you looking for a thesis internship, working student or starting position in Audit & Assurance? Sign up here  for the BDO Insight Week!

Second Year Activity: Drinkopoly

April 14th, 2021 | 20.00h | 23.00h

*You can only participate in this event if you are a second year student* Second year students, be prepared! The Connect Committee prepared an amazing activity, specially for you. On the 14th of April we will be playing Drinkopoly! All second-year students are welcome to play this legendary game toghether. For only €4,50, members receive a box with all the necessities for the activity: beers, booze and an actual Synergy Drinkopoly boardgame. More info about picking up your box will follow in an email after you sign up. Non-members pay €14,40. At the end of the game, the winners will also receive a prize! You can register until the 12th of April. If you want to deregister, you can do that up until 24 hours before the start of the event. You will receive you money back, minus €0,36 iDeal costs.

Synergy Open Cube: Lustful tunes

April 15th, 2021 | 21.00h | 23.00h

Get ready for yet another Synergy Open Cube! Our Synergy DJ, DJ TANGEX, will be playing some amazing mixes, so make sure you are there by joining us in  THE CUBE , starting from 21:00h.  You can watch the livestream here .

Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!