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February, 2021

Upcoming activities

February Committee Subscriptions

February 18th, 2021 - March 1st, 2021

*Subscriptions open the 18th of February, 15:00 and close the 1st of March 12 o'clock* Are you interested in joining one of our committees? Subscribe for this event and let us know in which committee you want to participate in.  Active membership at Study Association Synergy means that you participate in one of the twenty-one committees that Synergy has. All committees have the purpose of organising or supporting activities for members of Synergy. The nature of the activities differs from informal activities to major career events. You can participate in an informal committee or a formal committee. Available committees: Atlas Trip Committee Business Trip Committee Conference Committee Kick-Off Committee Orientation Week Committee  Ski Trip Committee  Are you interested in being a chairman of the committee? Check that box, let us know for which committee you want to be a chairman and send a short motivation letter (maximum of 250 words) to before the 1st of March, 12 o'clock!  Questions? Mail to 

Past events

Synergy Drink: Carnival on the slopes

February 1st, 2021 | 21.00h | 23.00h

Unfortunately, going on a ski trip is not possible this year. However, the Synergy Drink committee has a solution for that! Put your skis and snowboards away for the year, and instead, bring your best Carnival outfit or a winter sports attribute... but why? Because we are going to celebrate Carnival in an après-ski style! Find your way to THE CUBE , the place to be for Carnival and après-ski, including the funniest mini games, get yourself a drink and let's get this party started!  We will be playing in online games of 4 people! If you want to form a group with your friends, make sure to leave your group name while registering for the activity. We will be forming groups amongs people who did not register with a group name!

General Brainstorm Session

February 2nd, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

Are you interested in thinking along with Synergy? Are you full of creative ideas? Then join this brainstorm session! During this lunch break we will have a general brainstorm session about several topics regarding Synergy. For example, we will talk about the office, the website, activities etcetera.  Hopefully we will see you there to have a meeting full of new insights and inspiring ideas!

Miraculous Nacho Night

February 3rd, 2021 | 18.30h | 21.00h

The Greedy Nacho Games have dawned upon us and we have the sudden urge to make delicious nachos for ourselfs and our roommates.  We here at synergy have a great dinner planned with all those who are interested! Members whom live in Nijmegen can have the ingredients delivered for an absolute fabulous dinner for only €3,50. And that's not all! The box also comes with 4 amigo beers to keep you form getting thirsty. Non-members pay €8,00. Ingedients of the nacho box Nacho chips Crème Fraiche Grated cheese  Salsa Jalapeno  Tomato 4 amigos  You can (de)register until the 2nd of February, 17:00, so make sure you are on time.

Management Madness Party

February 3rd, 2021 | 21.00h | 23.00h

Are your study association members the heroes of the zeros? The M-Party Committee has organised a Management party at home together with Culture on Campus.  Do you love artists such as Britney Spears, David Guetta, Usher and Rihanna? Are you in for a competition with other management studies? Join the musicbattle of the SVM and battle for your study association! Let us know via Instagram what your absolute party banger to ensure your win. Subscribe for the livestream on de 3rd of February and get extra points for your association! At the end of the night we will find which study association is the real hero of the zeros.  📅3rd of February, starting  21.00u  💵Free entery  🎼Link to the livestream:

E-houseday Accon avm with lunch

February 4th, 2021 | 13.30h | 15.30h

*Sadly, this event will be held in Dutch* Are you curious about what it's like working at controlling practices? And do you want to find out what Accon avm can offer you? This event will give you the opportunity to ask questions about what it's like working for a big accuntancy firm. Register for this e-houseday and get in contact with advisors from the financial workfield. During this event, we will be analysing a case and we will end with a fun pubquiz. There will also be a lunch, containing a sandwich and a drink, delivered to your home if you live in Nijmegen. Make sure to register on time as there are limited spots available. 

Nijmegen Career Event 2020

February 9th, 2021 - February 10th, 2021
Sanadome Nijmegen

The Nijmegen Career Event is approaching! On the 9th and 10th of February, various activities will help students and companies to meet with each other, such as online presentations, workshops and individual interviews. Moreover, there is an online business fair and at the end of the day a networking reception where people can discuss the day. Due to the current situation, the NCE will be held fully online. The Nijmegen Career Event is the result of the combination of  strengths between Study Association Synergy and the ESV, representing the studies of business administration, (business) economics, law and management and international business administration. The two active study associations have respectively 2400 and 900 members and organize numerous activities, both formal and informal. The collaboration of the two study associations offers a multidisciplinary platform for students. The NCE focusses on all students of these two studies and specifically on the students who are in the final year of their bachelor or master.   Get one step closer to your future and register  here .

Surprise your Valentine

February 15th, 2021
Delivered at home

Physical contact is almost impossible during this lockdown, but love is still in the air! Do you want to confess your love to someone in a Corona-proof way? Or do you want to pamper one of your friends? Then this Valentines stunt is perfect for you! Cupido will be delivering Valentines packages for free for our members. This romantic package consists of: A beautiful rose Hot cocoa with whipped cream A heart shaped lolly Cupido only has limited packages, so make sure you register in time! The packages will be delivered on Monday the 15th of February during the morning and afternoon and can only be delivered at adresses in Nijmegen. Every member can order a maximum of one package, so choose wisely! You can register until Sunday the 14th, 23:59h.

Management Month: SHRL Workshop

February 17th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

The High Select workshop for the master's specialization " Strategic Human Resource Leadership’ will take place on Wednesday, February 17 from 12:15 - 13:30. You are invited to our High Select Energy Drives Workshop. This is a one-hour online workshop in which you will learn the relationship between behavior and values; be able to recognize some of your own values and how they impact your perception of the world; receive tips and tricks on how to effectively cooperate in a rapidly changing environment whilst having seemingly opposing values.   If you live within a radius of 4km form the center of Nijmegen, you have the possibility to receive lunch at home. 

Information Session About Active Membership

February 18th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

Join here: On the 18th of February, the second  information sessions about active membership will be held. During this online session we will tell you all about our different committees that start in February and will answer any questions you have. The committees that start in February are: the Atlas,  Conference, Business Trip, Kick-Off, Orientation Week and the Ski Committee.  Active membership at Study Association Synergy means that you participate in one of the twenty-one  committees  that Synergy has. T here are many committees  you can participate in.  All committees have the purpose of organizing activities for members of Synergy. The nature of the activities differs from informal activities to major career events. You can participate in an informal committee or a formal committee. The workload of the committees varies from 1 to 5 hours a week. The formal committees often have a higher workload. When you become an active member of Study Association Synergy, you can gain valuable practical experience. You will learn how to cooperate with fellow students a nd you can learn how to contact companies (this varies from local pubs and companies to large multinationals).  Of course you will also meet tons of new people and, above all, it is a lot of fun!    Sign up and find out what committees suit you!

Synergy Hunting Season

February 18th, 2021 | 14.00h | 15.30h

Are you tired of sitting home all day? Do you want to test your policing skills? Or do you want to test you escape skills? Join us in the fist outside event of 2021: the Synergy Hunting season. During this event you will either be or chase an escaped convict in the area of Nijmegen. Will you manage to get away or will you be able to catch the convict? Find out on Thursday the 18th of February. Please subscribe on time so we can arrange some snacks and drinks for you to get you in top-shape! Furthermore: we will adhere to ALL corona measures.

Crazy Committee Cup

February 19th, 2021 | 20.00h | 22.00h

Be prepared for the battle of the year! During this night we will play a competition between all Synergy’s committees. It will be a night full of teamwork and bonding with your fellow committee members. Every committee will get their own ‘room’ in The Cube. It is then up to you to fulfill as much assignments of the Synergy Division as possible to gain points. The committee with the most points wins the night. But don’t forget that the battle will go on until the end of the year! Who takes the lead during the Crazy Committee Cup and which committee will become the winner of this years Synergy Division…? Note: this activity is for committee members only.

Management Month: International Business Workshop

February 22nd, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

The Nedap workshop with the master specialization “International Business” will take place on Monday 22 February from 12:15 - 13:30 pm. During this afternoon, Customer Success Manager at Nedap Retail Steffie Broere (she obtained her MSc in Business Information Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam) will tell you more about how she experienced her master and how she ended up at Nedap. She will share more about her work as a Customer Success Manager and what is like to be a employee at Nedap. Next to that Anniek Kamerink (Campus Recruiter Business) tell you more about Nedap and the possibilities. Get to know everything about our company, our challenging (graduation) internships, (student) jobs and the Nedap Masterclass (our 3-day business course) during this workshop and ask all your questions. If you live within a radius of 4km form the center of Nijmegen, you have the possibility to receive lunch at home. 

Board Information Session

February 22nd, 2021 | 18.00h | 21.00h

Do you want to experience the year of a lifetime, add an amazing experience to your cv and be the head of the largest study association of Nijmegen? Become a board member at Synergy! Are you curious to what exactly a board year entails? Join us at the Synergy board information session on Monday the 22nd of february! During this evening, the board will explain what the different functions are and what a board year in general entails. There will also be plenty of time for any questions that you have about the board. The session will start at 17.30 in  THE CUBE .  

Exam Training Course 'Voortgezet Boekhouden'

February 23rd, 2021 | 12.30h | 15.30h

*This event will be held in Dutch* Would you like extra explanation for the 'Voortgezet Boekhouden' course? Then come to the PwC workshop on 23 February. In this afternoon, PwC will deal with all your questions from the course and discuss the most difficult points. If you already have questions in advance, you can already send them to . Then extra attention is given to those subjects.

Investment Training & Beer Stock Market Game

February 23rd, 2021 | 19.00h | 22.00h

Make even more money from money?! Everyone wants that, right? This evening Harm van Wijk will tell you all kinds of tips and tracks when it comes to investing. Harm van Wijk is drs in Economics, founder of, has 32 years of experience as an investment advisor at various banks, has written a book and has been a guest in various TV programs. You will also receive his book as a gift with this activity! After the lecture, it is time to put your knowledge into practice. As you know, price is always the result of supply and demand. The price you pay for your beer kit for this activity is also determined in this way! With a package full of specialty beer, we are heading for an evening of games that are all devoted to our favorite things: beer and money! How does it work? 1. When registering, you choose four specialty beers for your package. You can choose from ten different beers: Grolsch herfstbok Chimay trappist Vedett IPA Kasteel rouge Affligem blond Desperados Duvel Pauwel kwak Hertog Jan Grand Prestige Texels Skuumkoppe 2. If you choose beer that others choose little, you will pay little for it. If your beer is popular, the price will increase due to the high demand. 3. The prices will not deviate extremely from the prices of these beers in the supermarket. 4. When the registrations close, you will receive an email with the final price of your package and a ‘Tikkie’ to pay. 5. After payment you can pick up your package!

Management Month: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

February 24th, 2021 | 12.15h | 13.30h

*Unfortunately, this workshop will be given in Dutch* The workshop, hosted by COPPA, for the masterspecialisation 'Innovation & Entrepreneurship' will take place on Wednesday the 24th of February from 12:15h until 13:30h.  Do you want to find out who buys the largest ammount of innovative products? Are you aware for the essential role of the government and healthcare in reaching sustainable goals? In this workshop we will be taking you into the world of purchase and we will tell you innovation can make or break sales. You will be working on a case in small groeps, where you will be creating the support for a innovative solution.  Make sure to register before the 22nd of February. If you live within a 4km radius of the city centre of Nijmegen, you have the opportunity to get lunch from Subway delivered to your home. You can choose from: Sandwich: Veggie delite ( kaas en groenten) Tuna Chicken Fajita Turkey Ham Spicy italian BMT Vegetables: Lettuce Tomato Cucumber Pickle Paprika Red union Olives Pepers Sauce: Mayo BBQ Saus Chipotle soutwest Honey mustard Garlic sauce Hot Chili Sweet Chili Sweet onion Ceaser sauce

Welcome to the Netherlands Quiz

February 25th, 2021 | 20.00h | 21.30h

Are you an international student that is interested in learning more about the Netherlands? Was your original plan to visit Holland on exchange but COVID-19 had changed your plans? Then this activity is one you should definitely join! We will play a quiz about the Dutch, our weird food and habits and living in this little country. This quiz is the perfect way to get to know the country and Study Association Synergy.

Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!