Lecture: ChatGPT in Finance

February 27th, 2024 | 16.00h

Café 't Haantje

On Tuesday, February 27th, the time has come for The Trainee Company to present a lecture for us on 'Chat GPT in Finance'. The Trainee Company is the specialist in the field of traineeships, offering two-year traineeships to swiftly prepare young professionals for the job market. They provide support in various ways for your initial career step. The Trainee Company offers traineeships in Finance, Data, Business & IT, and Cloud, Infra and Management. 

This lecture including drink is organized in collaboration with ESV. Following the lecture, there will be a networking drink where the topic can be further discussed or you can network. All while enjoying a drink! So if you are interested in the Trainee company or curious about what you can do with Chat GPT in world of Finance, quickly sign up and be there!