Orientation Week: Beer Bike

August 24th, 2023 | 11.30h - 16.00h

Waalkade Nijmegen

Cycling out your hangover whilst you’re drinking beer: this is the beer bike! You sit with 17 people on a kind of large cargo bike with in the middle a bar with a tap. The beers will be tapped by the members of the Orientation Week Committee, so you can stay seated on the bike. For non-drinkers or people under 18, there will also be soda available. There is also wine available for non-beer drinkers. The route will start at the Waalkade, and from there we will cycle for about 2 hours through the outskirts of Nijmegen. The first group will start at 11:30h and the second group will start at 14:00h. IMPORTANT: <18 = no alcohol! You can join this activity for only 15 euros!