Recruitment Dinner

May 23rd, 2022

De Waagh

*Unfortunately this activity is only for Dutch-speaking students*

As a (Pre-Master) student you’re probably already orienting yourself on what to do after finishing your studies. We are organizing an ideal event where you have the possibility to speak to potential future employers in an informal manner. This is the first Recruitment Dinner of the year.

During this Recruitment Dinner on the 23rd of May, you can enjoy a four-course dinner and you can get in touch with one of the four potential employers. This Recruitment Dinner costs €5 for members and €7.50 for non-members

The companies that will be attending are: iTrainee, KroeseWevers, Gupta & Blisss

When enrolling please upload your CV, so the recruiters can get an initial view of you.

The dress code is business casual and the enrollment deadline is the 20th of May

We hope to see you there on the 23rd of May!

  • Gupta: Gupta Strategists is an independent consultancy agency for organisations in the healthcare industry, in the Netherlands, and abroad. They advise on strategic issues, provide innovative ideas, implement new strategies, and provide support where complex (market) analyzes are required, a new business model needs to be developed or a major change is imminent. 

  • KroeseWevers: With over 400 accountants and advisors, and more than 40 years of experience, Kroesewevers accountants and consultants supports and advises organizations in the field of accountancy, taxes, company takeovers and financing, personnel, salary, subsidies and other entrepreneurial issues. 

  • iTrainee: iTrainee is the matchmaker between young talents and companies that are in need of good SAP consultants. They do this with a high-quality and intensive traineeship in which high potentials are trained in SAP, learn methods & techniques and acquire social skills. Trainees will start to work for clients under supervision, with the prospect of a permanent contract. 

  • Blisss: Blisss started in 2006 as a start-up from Radboud University and has grown into a modern software company with a strong business DNA. It is a software company that helps companies to be more successful by supporting them with excellent advice and complementary software, including self-developed apps and ERP solutions from the Microsoft Dynamics stable. 

If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.