Synergy Week: Beer Pong Tournament

May 17th, 2022 | 20.30h

Basement, Drie Gezusters

In the beginning of the evening, aiming will still be pretty easy. However, do you keep your coordination under control as it becomes later and later? Sign up now for a fun night of Beer Pong and partying including 3 FREE barrels!

The activity will take place on Tuesday, May 17, at the Basement (Drie Gezusters). Make sure you are there because you can participate as a member for just €4,-. Non-members will pay €15,-.

The registrations for this activity will open Monday, May 9 at 15:00h.

*You can unsubscribe up until 24 hours before the start of the activity. You will then receive back your money minus €0,36 iDeal costs.*