June 11th, 2021 | 21.00h

Do you have as much faith in our national team as we do? Or are you convinced that it's going to be a big flop? Put some money on it! We are hosting an EK Soccer pool for anyone who wants to join. Everyone will be investing €5 on their lucky bet. The person who becomes guesses the closest to the final outcome wins 50% of the total deposit. And that's not just it! Even the second and third closes also get a share of the deposit, second gettin 35% and third getting 15%. We even have a consolation prize for the less lucky person that wasn't so close with guessing. How does it work:

  • Register for this event and pay €5
  • Create an account on
  • Register for the group via the link we will send to you via email. Under the header 'predictions' you can fill out your guesses. Make sure to firstly scroll down and fill in your 'group round' prediciton first. This will eventually save you some time.

You can register until the start of the first game (9th of June, 21:00h). Good luck predicting!