Student Teacher Activity: Specialty coffee workshop (with box)

April 19th, 2021 | 20.00h | 22.00h


We’ve all seen our teachers drink their early morning coffee. However, what would they think about a specialty coffee? During this specialty coffee workshop, we’ll try to debunk the myth together with some of the best teachers our university has to offer: Jan Verhoeckx, Herm Joosten, Patrick Vermeulen, Caroline Essers and Vera Blazevic. In this workshop we will enjoy making a selection of specialty coffees with you, starting from 20:00h. Members will be able to get a package with everything you need for this workshop if you live within 5 km of the city centre, for only €1,50! 

Would you like to join the activity without a coffee box? Then register here.

If you want to deregister for the event, make sure to do so before 24 hours before the start of the event. If you register within the deadine, you will receive back your money minus €0,36 for iDeal costs.

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