The unheard voices… refugee women. A conversation.

April 8th, 2021 | 12.30h | 14.00h


Women empowerment, two words that most of us have surely heard before. Women have fought for their rights since the earliest known date of the 1700s, since then several feminist movements have followed. This led to the recognition of  women’s rights by the United Nations which in 1981 officially became an international treaty by which currently almost 100 countries have agreed to abide by its provisions.

However, as the United Nations states, women’s rights compel us all, economically, politically, culturally and socially. Specially for women in vulnerable groups such in the case of refugees, the exercise of their rights might be more complex. Hence government, civil organizations and society in general have a part to play to provide better opportunities that allow to empower themselves.

The Netherlands, has been historically a host country for forcibly displaced people, in need for a safe place to re-start their lives. Being the Syrian people the latest group of refugees, who arrived at Dutch land, some questions arise, among them we ask ourselves… what is the Netherlands doing to empower these refugee women?

Are we being an inclusive society? Are we giving them the opportunity to thrive? How can we help them and be part of a positive change?

We, the Community Committee, wants to invite you to the conversation we will have with Machiel Salomons, former Executive Officer from the United Nations Refugee Agency and current United Way Executive Director starting from 12:30h on the 8th of April. We want you get to know what the Netherlands is doing to improve the lives of these women and possibly motivate you to be a part of the change!

The first people to sign up will receive a FREE lunch pack (sandwich and a slice of lemon cake) before the event takes place, if you live in Nijmegen. SIGN UP NOW!

Best wishes from the Community Committee!

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