Due to the COVID-19 spreading in the Netherlands, we want to inform you about the measurements we are taking regarding this virus. We are following the rules of the RIVM to stop the spread of the virus. This website page shows an overview of the implementation of these rules during Synergy activities and the Synergy Office. This information can be subject to change whenever the RIVM rules change.
General rules
• Keep 1.5 meters distance from others at all times.
• Avoid busy places.
• Cough and sneeze in the crook of your elbow.
• Do not shake hands.
Minimize the use of public transport
• Frequently wash your hands with soap.
• Work from home as much as possible.
• Do you have any corona-related symptoms? Get tested and quarantine at home. 
• Have you been in close contact with someone that has been infected with COVID-19? Quarantine at home for 10 days. 
• Have you been in other contact (not close) with someone that has been infected with COVID-19? No quarantine needed, watch out for symptoms. 
Synergy Office
• The Synergy Office is open for a quick visit. 
• Wearing a face mask is obligatory
• You can ask your questions, buy summaries, or get a cup of coffee or tea. If your needs are fulfilled, you are kindly asked to leave the Synergy Office. 
• Follow the walking routes through the Elinor Ostromgebouw.
• Please use the provided disinfect (at the coffee corner).
Synergy Activities
• All physical activities up are cancelled for now. There will be online activities!
• Do not visit the online activities in groups consisting of more than three guests, as it is not allowed to invite more persons at home. 
We will keep following the information regarding the virus and update you via the protocol below, our website and our social media channels. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please send an e-mail to

You can download the protocol here!